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My dream


That there can be spaces, places, conditions, systems and people to welcome and care for other people who are in periods of need or emotional, physical, spiritual or mental need.

May each human being know who and how to ask for help and that help comes and arrives at the best time of each person's life, even if there is no certainty that it is necessary.

That in the permanence and joint and collaborative experience we can find the similarities and differences in each one of the people we encounter and that it can be a personal practice of observation, acceptance and evolution towards greater human consciousness.

That in observing the inner difficulties and challenges, in the defects and imperfections, in the virtues, in the shadows, demons and imps that are part and with which we live daily, we can understand what they bring us and that we can pay attention to the use of the effects that we perceive or allow and that with different results can serve, in order to be able to grow vibrations and functional connections that generate states of evolution and learning in happiness.

That in recognizing the inner passage of emotions, feelings and sensations, interior or exterior, we can adapt the perceptions of a better reality and find states of acceptance and individual and universal development.

That when being cared for, people can live better and according to their unlimited human potential and that this can bring intent and purpose to all actions, thoughts and existences of human matter.

May the truth of each one be and have other inherent interpretive possibilities that enhance other options, freedoms or other renewable truths at the heart of each person, allowing to open doors to prisons of convictions, beliefs, unconscious or self imposed rules.

May we see beauty and beautiful outside, allowing us to access both within us, thus being able to live in the presence and permanence of essential existence in the same way.

May individual and global health be something to be achieved and enjoyed by factors and stages of contagion in individual vibrations and emotions and common resonances from places where there may be expansion and collective social and human elevation.

That the body can be considered as the messenger and from it the communication inside can perceive what goes outside in order to be even more body inside, aligning the inner movement to the outside, allowing to maintain the inner balance for the best physical and chemical reaction , reaching the initial systemic purpose of its existence.

May there be presence and be in human connections in order to allow us to develop together collaboratively and individually so that at the end of each moment of reflection we can perceive the more we have and do only in a state of perceiving what it is about being.

Let human expression and communication be cared for and authentic, clear and genuine, ensuring that the messages that pass through are instigated from places like love and compassion.

That in organizations and companies people can experience their stay and perform their tasks based on their purpose, close to emotionally and physically healthy interior places and capable of providing well-being to those who work and those affected by the production of values and common goods.

That the values ​​produced, whether material or immaterial, can be propulsion and use for the good of the whole inherent in humanity, so that each individual can enjoy their stay and passage in this common space so that their contribution can be enabling generations who enjoy life in pleasure, joy, peace, compassion and love.

That when realizing that we always live in ourselves and within ourselves and that it is from there that we perceive and interact with the outside world, everything exists so that only within us can be modified and transformed, thus being able to regulate our individual existence through the relationship with me, with others and with those around us.

That the energy and the particles of matter of which we are composed can align preservation in sharing with the composition of our planet and that we can enjoy as part of this system by balancing the calibration and regulation by which we are composed with the whole of which we are part, allowing us to flow in the gift of presence and existence in the condition that we are given.

That starting from love and for love, we realize ourselves as better and fuller human beings of moments of happiness and essential and existential realization.

May myself also be the one who allows himself to realize that this self is himself only because what composes him is beyond him something greater than that at the end of his moments in this passage served to carry out in himself something that contributed to something that it exists beyond itself, probably not because of your choice or will, but because of the possibility that you had to turn your path into a pleasant journey into a human experience.

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