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Creative Team Change program was created to break the habits of your past and create new patterns. When the processes of change and crisis flood with fears and deprive the teams of the ability to reuse the resources and recreate successful scenarios, this program allows for prior analysis and replication of systems created after the war (in which individual motivation was stipulated) due to conditions of extreme need), find the procedures and the strategic cadences of your team through training in emotional, behavioral and cultural engines in your organization. Through inter-team and inter-organization analysis, mainly acting from its decision-makers and influencers, I change its individual history and the results achieved by its teams.
Facing current challenges is to face the present with flexibility and firmness and recreate another future, both individually and in small, medium or large teams. A high performance team is as strong as its most fragile element.
Collaboratively and when finding a way to enhance the characteristics of each element and their team as a whole, especially working with their leaders, both formal and informal, so that intervention is no longer necessary in the next phases that are to come. 

Focused on results, this program allows you to access the dormant creative force in each of its elements and in search of competition effects. It will try to achieve the impossible with the existing resources at its disposal.

With the change in the markets you will have to deal with what you have and what exists effectively and quickly.

In the Creative Corporate Change program, action is intervening and profound at the heart of your organization.
Whether in a phase of change or facing crisis processes and above all knowing that the organization is ready to grow in its scenarios and needs to find different approaches and redefine growth scales, the possibility is defined and it is time to take action . It will do more and better by optimizing resources and improving the communication plan both with the internal and external customers.
It will also do more in terms of internal challenge and the use of the individual in favor of the whole. From the moment an internal competition is launched, subject to voting and with the final determination of its decision makers, something new grows. It will become everyone's through the contribution of each of the elements that make your organization. So everyone will achieve their personal goal that is the same as that of their organization

In another vector, the creation of mentors and tutors (these or other designations just as an example, usually adjusted to your reality) will bring you autonomy and enable even more responsibility and productivity will rise exponentially.
When your project is lived and experienced with the enthusiasm to which you contribute and over which you have direct influence, you will probably do your best to see it materialized.
This is the work basis. Involve everyone and choose the specific individual competence focused on the desired result. What drives one is not what makes the other move, but the possibility of success is also flexibility in line with common goals.

Creative Community Change program establishes and transforms opportunities to rebuild its capital strength and human resources equivalent to the community within its organization through the contribution of the individual to the whole. With individual observation and the power of the group, through the methodologies used and with the firm use of rules that allow to minimize the old standards and by significant changes in values ​​and individual culture, your organization will develop_from the inside out, passing to attention to stay focused on internal themes and resources that can be enhanced and created. It will mainly serve for autonomous growth and a learned and fixed follow-up through the alignment stipulated by its decision makers and influencers.
When the question in the past was whether a training could effectively change the structure of an organization, the question you may find now is where to start so that you can find a way out of the processes acquired in these changes or crises.
Now that it has as its main objective the promotion of organizational health in all its dimensions and seeks to achieve it through the construction of collaborative bonds, the recognition of the participants' professional life experiences, the rescue of organizational identity and culture, internal confidence and expansion the perception of problems through the possibilities of resolution based on the skills of the participants themselves, is adapted to modern times. It will thus use local and available resources, bringing, after the end of the same solutions, clarification about the process of each one, and each one contributes both giving and receiving.
Everyone will receive the same amount as they deliver.

Trainings configured to your organization

Tens uma ideia e gostavas de a ver crescer e materializar-se? Vamos desenvolvê-la em conjunto e fazê-la nascer.
Training teams and people was born most of the times due to challenges and invitations from people who found the possibility or felt the need to do something more than what had been done before and to which my personal stamp can add and bring more value.

"Who walks alone might even get faster, but one that is accompanied surely goes further"
Clarice Lispector

Have a different response to the circumstances your organization is going through

Join the Creative Corporate Change program or Creative Team Change program and you will get better information about yourself and each of your employees. Your skills and results orientation will thus have more possibilities when making your decisions in a more solid and sustained way.
Remember your initial goal. Why hasn't it happened yet? What strategy are you based on now, with the new data you have? What will you achieve with this? Is this the path that you know is best for your organization?
Let's have an honest conversation and change what is needed.

Make decisions in line with what you see as the future and feels right.

The advantage of using what is there is to create surprise within what you know. At one time or another the desire was to surprise. The market bombarded it with ideas that different things could be the only solution. The necessary services are now the most basic. Those that can be real and tangible, the most authentic and the most reliable. There is no time to waste with wrong choices, there is only time for right and for what can guarantee your growth.
Choose how much time you want to take until the organization gets to where it needs to feel fulfilled.

Clichés are part of the past.
Doesn't the wheel really need to be reinvented?

Does that differentiation that is so much talked about already exist and you are not taking advantage of it in favor of your organization? Realize what your biggest disadvantage is. Make it your lever. World-renowned companies use the same thinking every day: What to do to bring something new and creative. What to bring different. Your organization already has it. The use of what exists leads to less consumption of resources and solid results. There is no need for courage or large investments. It is possible to use it differently from what is sometimes asleep.
Let your organization surprise the market with what it has to offer now, not waiting for what it may bring in an uncertain future.
Your organization will find its result just by doing what is already possible.

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