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Creative GameChange program exists to achieve what it aims to achieve. By definitively setting the objective correctly and taking the right actions, the guarantee of achievement is supported by monitoring.  

Stop (…)
Reach (…)
Change to (…)

Significant change in scope (…)
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Creative Love Change program is designed to directly address a circumstance initially established to find solutions together. It is for one or more situations in progress or a need not yet fully identified that is or may be causing discomfort.

Creative Love Change: Support on life circumstances

Do you sometimes feel a little uncomfortable in your own skin?
Is there a feeling of not being complete, of not being full most of the time?
Is there something within you that does not seem to be congruent?
Have you done almost everything to evolve what you can?

In Creative Life Change program, the intention is established in the first previous sessions. Only then with this a clear and meaningful intention does effective co-creation work begin.
This is the joint individual process that aims to bring information about its own and unique characteristics that can be useful for making decisions and choosing new possibilities in its future.

It is an indoor deep dive with an impact adjusted to each person who seeks to know more about himself in order to feel better and be himself.
It is the program that most passionate people who finished it and felt better about themselves. 

TCI sharing circles are the opportunity to create and maintain bonds with people who like to share spaces, experience, time and good energy in order to regularly reinforce the block of good personal feelings.

TCI is the intervention methodology that I adopt in groups that is based on the valorization of interpersonal and intercommunity meetings. It aims to promote health in all its dimensions and seeks to achieve it through the construction of solidary bonds, the recognition of life experiences of the participants, the recovery of identity, the restoration of self-esteem, confidence in oneself and broadening the perception of problems through the possibilities of resolution based on the competences of the participants themselves. Local and available resources are used in each circle, bringing after the end of the same solutions and clarification about the process of each one, each contributing either giving as receiving.
Everyone receives, actually.

Training to Your Group

Want to help your people grow? We will develop this wish together. The sharing and training of groups of people with common interests were born most of the times due to challenges and invitations from people who found the possibility or felt the need to do something more than what had been done before and to which my personal stamp can add and bring more value.

"Who walks alone might even get faster, but one that is accompanied surely goes further"
Clarice Lispector

Have a different response to the blocks and circumstances that accompanied you in your life

By joining Creative Game Change program or Creative Love Change program, you will obtain information about yourself and your wishes and desires, being able to have more possibilities to make your decisions in a more solid and sustained way.
Think of a goal from your past or present. Why haven't you fulfilled it yet? Is that really what you want? And were all the others you fulfilled and achieved the best? Will it continue in those patterns? Is this really the kind of life you choose to lead now with this alternative?
Come and feel better once and for all.

Make decisions that will be enhanced to allow you to be more effective on a daily basis.

Surprise is inside you, in what you find and especially in what you can do with it. Whoever has taken this inner journey has achieved more than he expected from himself. That is one of your goals, right? Finally find yourself in a place where you feel good.
In this impact program, you will investigate what you feel about what is not well inside. This feeling of internal conflict, uncertainty or indecision. This needs to be seen, to know that you can do it, that you deserve it, that you are capable and yet it is still not resolved.

We will find together a new relational culture with acceptance and compassion.

See that although he knows what he should have learned, he continues to act the same way. It is in these personal patterns that it moves and it is these that it can transform. It is not just because you know them that you are capable, you will have to do some personal work. Through the methods used, as long as you are willing to change your way of thinking, you will create alternatives that are acceptable so that you can feel better on your own skin. Your job is to find your other way. Mine may be to accompany you.

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