Life purpose

My truth

I take responsibility for myself and my view. I assume my personal power by being a professional human being and responsible for contributing on what is my part.

I follow my own changes and states and also the transformation in others. Taking care of me is the first step.
By contrast in the difference inclusion, in the equality integration, in the heart compassion, in the behavior change. I take on the responsibility of whoever crosses me and wants to, I will give of myself what I know and can to be together in this world in more happy moments.
I build new experiences and new stories of belonging. For feeling in my deepest self that what is mine I can have because I deserve and am capable. These are usually some of the difficulties that I encounter in clients and that we transform, that we change, that we find the solution together. I found them and I still find them in me and I am taking care of myself when I am accompanied by excellent colleagues, partners, alliances of heart.
I still have a lot of world to know, although I have traveled in my corporate life with some regularity. This is one of my wishes, meeting people from other places, cultures and realities, needs, perspectives, laughter, moments and stories to share.
Live more and more in my truth, my congruence, my flexibility. Connecting to someone is connecting me deeply, it is communicating what goes inside, it is expressing what I feel and what I think. It is knowing that what is inside of me is only mine and that it can be someone's as well. This is my notion of sharing.
What results in my behavior is established through these three questions:

What I am going to say next, is it good for me?
If so, will it be good for the person I'm going to tell?
If so, will it be good for the people who that person will affect, after integrating what I told you?
If it is a yes to all questions, then it is worth saying it.

My potential, my energy, my mental, emotional and physical health, my spirituality, my identity, my sensations, my body and soul, go hand in hand dancing life with me and with others in me.

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