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My story

I am empathetic, creative, pragmatic and incisive.
I connect people to solutions, train individuals and organizations in crisis phases and change processes with creativity.

I follow changes in others. Change and creativity processes inevitably exist and can even be good. Life changes are something I got used to doing and following closely. I even invite them. It is something that is in me and that characterizes me. In my journey I realized that I am passionate about accompanying, transforming and changing. I truly appreciate the progress and outcome of the change processes. That's where I feel real and myself.

Why creativity, anyway?

It is the lifeblood of creating something new. Feeling good and with a purpose. Being part of the beginning of something is significant.

I have always been authentic, real and congruent. Some years ago I had revolt and frustrations and I did not validate myself for doing so. So my behavior was also in line. I was in a loop. I've always been happy, I just thought it wasn't. What I am comes through. What I do is reflected in what I am. What I have is shown in what I do.

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear." - Tao Te Ching

One of the quotes I remember and often use is "We are always inside of ourselves talking about ourselves." This is where the theme begins. When we stay inside talking to ourselves. Nothing new appears and we only focus on the 'problem'. So many times that I wanted to get away from the circumstance and it followed me insistently until it told me why it hadn't left yet.

I remember my ability to observe so early . I spent days listening and learning, much more than talking. I also realized over the years that in addition to observing, it was good in another skill - asking the right questions at the right time, keeping the curiosity of surprise in the answers.
Another thing I've been improving was to allow myself to talk about myself. In the story of others I found myself, in my stories I found my solutions. I understand for myself what is happening in the other and I am my example of what is happening around me. The result is this - If the way I see my story no longer serves me, I find a way to change the way I feel it, alone or supported by someone professional and able to understand me. I follow what people bring as a challenge and guarantee a careful end to this change. I often remember that this end is a new beginning of something.

Creativity and change in a new life.

An “honest and hardworking” man. Someone who could be so much and how much was not enough. Things to have, things to buy. The story was that of a student, a boyfriend, a Companion, a Husband, a Father, a Technical Director, Commercial Director. An Administrator, a CEO, a Country Manager, a Leader. Whatever the position or title, I had learned good and bad.
I'm happy now. I found Love again. The love suffered that did not want to love again. It brought me a purity of a unique and wonderfully loving existence to the human condition. I'm more human now. I learned a failure again. I allowed myself to fail. It implied decision. Choosing implies the same action. Taking a serious commitment can raise so many obstacles, so many external excuses. From there it is always growing inside. For me and the beauty that surrounds me. Now I am going to other places to grow up with other people, who do so much to be able to do it differently and even more inside.

"The only constant in life is change" - Heraclitus

This led me to do what I do now in my creative change programs. If there is anyone who can change your life, it is one who has already experienced a similar change or who has found other solutions together with other people. In practice, we have already experienced this change. We called it something else, we used other words to describe it.
Sometimes it is better to be attentive to the suggestions and let me be guided by those who have been there, already because outsiders observe with an impartial eye and help to understand the possibilities that exist to be able to learn instead of just suffering. Have I been inside myself for so long that it's time to expand? To find more of me? To become aware and to travel with the best company possible?
I want to meet more people. I want to grow, evolve with them all.
Quero sentir-me a criar algo novo contigo. Entra em contacto, será um enorme prazer e estou certo que há uma boa razão para essa pequena enorme decisão.

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